Adeoye Damilola Adegboyega

Gambling has existed since the dawn of mankind. We’ve always discovered methods to gamble on sports, the lottery, casino games, and everything in between. Nobody has heard of Adeoye Damilola Adegboyega, called Louie.

I’m talking about a guy who had a winning run of almost 10 years. His triumph wasn’t a miracle. Adeoye Damilola Adegboyega was born in Osun State on July 12, 1988. Prince Adelani Adeoye and Atinuke Adeoye raised him as a Christian. They resided in Oshogbo and operated a construction firm.

Adeoye Damilola

Adeoye went to St. Claire Primary School. His high school years were spent at Olashore International School.

So, how did he get into gambling? Gambling, like everything else, is a game of chance. It all began when he saw a pool store nearby. He had no clue what it was about, but because it included sports, he decided to investigate.

He was too young to play with guys his father’s age. He was determined, so he asked one of the elder guys how he should go. It used some mathematics, which he liked. He was a pro in no time.

Louie began toying with his parents’ money and tips until he decided to take a risk with his tuition. He’d made a bet with a buddy on a PS3. It was meant to double his $100, but he departed empty-handed. That was one of his first big defeats, yet he didn’t give up. He improved his betting strategies and skills.

Most individuals are biased towards gambling. They say gamblers are illiterate scumbags with no direction. Louie went directly from high school to Bowen University to study computer technology, then moved to the US to study Software Management at Seneca College. He eventually moved to Canada to finish his degree and pursue his betting profession.

Louie manages Project Hope USA and works with sports betting firms. Louie on Tossyard is his blog. He has a net worth of up to $100,000 from betting. Louie is the king of Sports Betting.

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